Terumat haDeshen

1:1 - Yuhara - The appearance of arrogant self-righteousness in Mitzvah performance

1:76 - Inclusion of guests in Eiruvei Chatzeirot [Merging of yards into a single property, to allow carrying between the yards]

1:110 - Eating the Purim Seudah when the 15th of Adar is Shabbat

1:196 - Dressing in the Style of the World

1:200 - Doing business in forbidden foods

1:269 - Use of a time-delayed transaction to sell Chametz when Erev Pesach is Shabbat

1:271 - When Science seems to contradict Halachah; has Nature changed?

1:304 - Shemitah in the Modern Era, Resorting to secular courts, Recovering personal property outside the courts [Avid Inish Dina leNafsheih]

1:341 - Authority of the Law of the Land

2:81 - Piyyutim [Extra poems in the service]

2:107 - Tefillin on Chol haMoed

2:134 - Piyyutim [Extra poems in the service]

2:197 - Equating a "She'at haDechak [a pressure situation]" with a "BeDi'eved [ex post facto]" situation

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