4:6 - The institution of the "Baruch HaShem leOlam / Yiru Eineinu" blessing

4:12 - Answering "Amen" to "Gaal Yisrael"

18:13 - Corporal punishment beyond the law, LeMigdar Milta

19:17 - Entering a house of idolatry

23:3 - Tefillin on Chol haMoed

23:9 - Tefillin on Chol haMoed

26:5 - Circumcision on the 2nd day of Yom Tov, when it isn't the child's 8th day

45:18 - The mental competence of mute people

49:1 - Blessings which don't appear in the Talmud

68:13 - Resorting to secular courts

83:5 - Wills that alter the Torah's order of inheritance

86:9 - Authority of the Law of the Land

88:3 - The "Heter Iska" converting loans into investments

88:8 - The "Heter Iska" converting loans into investments

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