Shut Maharik

2 - Signs of Mental Incompetence

8 - Wills that alter the Torah's order of inheritance

46 - Inclusion of guests in Eiruvei Chatzeirot [Merging of yards into a single property, to allow carrying between the yards]

81 - Shemitah in the Modern Era

88 - Dressing in a Modern Style

152 - Shaving during Chol haMoed

154 - Resorting to secular courts

161 - Recovering stolen property outside the courts [Avid Inish Dina leNafsheih]

165 - Hilchita leMisheecha and Mai deHavah Havah - Studying laws which don't have practical applications

166 - The "Kol Nidrei" Service

188 - Corporal punishment beyond the law, LeMigdar Milta

194 - Authority of the Law of the Land

Piskei 188 - Signs of Mental Incompetence

Piskei 269 - Answering "Amen" to "Gaal Yisrael"

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