Shut Binyamin Zeev

33 - Signs of Mental Incompetence

37 - Corporal punishment beyond the law, LeMigdar Milta

65 - Hilchita leMisheecha and Mai deHavah Havah - Studying laws which don't have practical applications

107 - Equating a "She'at haDechak [a pressure situation]" with a "BeDi'eved [ex post facto]" situation

135 - Recovering stolen property outside the courts [Avid Inish Dina leNafsheih]

174 - Sanctity of a synagogue

175 - The institution of the "Baruch HaShem leOlam / Yiru Eineinu" blessing

176 - The definition of the term, "Amen"

178 - The purpose of Korbanot

189 - The Zohar in Halachah

194 - Women reading Megilat Esther for men or for women

195 - The Color of Techelet

199 - Answering "Amen" to "Gaal Yisrael"

203 - Praying by a Grave

204 - Naming children with names of the wicked

228 - The Court's role in forcing people to fulfill Rabbinic Mitzvot, Punishing a person for missing a Mitzvat Aseh, after the fact

287 - Corporal punishment beyond the law, LeMigdar Milta

294 - Authority of the Law of the Land

420 - Resorting to secular courts

426 - Corporal punishment beyond the law, LeMigdar Milta

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