Heichal Yitzchak

Even haEzer 1:1 - Resorting to secular courts

Even haEzer 1:1:19 - The court's role in forcing people to fulfill rabbinic Mitzvot

Even haEzer 2:27 - Holding a wedding in a synagogue

Orach Chaim 29 - Spontaneously generated creatures

Orach Chaim 37 - Does belief in a Trinity qualify as Avodah Zarah?

Orach Chaim 51 - The color of the Techelet dye for Tzitzit

Orach Chaim 58 - Hilchita leMisheecha and Mai deHavah Havah - Studying laws which don't have practical applications

Orach Chaim 59 - The need for a Mechitzah

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