Ginat Veradim

Orach Chaim 1:14 - Answering "Amen" to "Gaal Yisrael"

Orach Chaim 1:20 - Batlah Daato - Personal intent is irrelevant if it differs from normal human intent

Orach Chaim 1:29 - Bee Honey: Why is it Kosher

Orach Chaim 1:49 - Creative Liturgy

Orach Chaim 2:13 - The Zohar in Halachah

Orach Chaim 2:16 - The Zohar in Halachah

Yoreh Deah 1:5 - Doing business in forbidden foods

Yoreh Deah 2:4 - The "Kol Nidrei" Prayer

Yoreh Deah 2:8 - Learning on the night of Hoshana Rabbah, the "Kol Nidrei" Prayer

Yoreh Deah 2:9 - The "Kol Nidrei" Prayer

Yoreh Deah 2:10 - The "Kol Nidrei" Prayer

Yoreh Deah 3:6 - Yuhara - The appearance of arrogant self-righteousness in Mitzvah performance

Yoreh Deah 5:1 - The Mitzvah of marriage, The Mitzvah of procreation

Yoreh Deah 6:8 - The "Heter Iska" converting loans into investments

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