Shut Chayyim Sha'al

1:1 - Yuhara - The appearance of arrogant self-righteousness in Mitzvah performance

1:6 - Shaving during Chol haMoed

1:13 [end] - Writing on Chol haMoed

1:22 - Waste

1:23 - Waste, The form of the Keruvim

1:99 - The institution of the "Baruch HaShem leOlam / Yiru Eineinu" blessing

2:10 - The Zohar in Halachah

2:11 - Creative Liturgy

2:43:2 (regarding Eliyahu) - Bitachon and Hishtadlut - The Obligation to trust Gd, vs. the need for efforts of self-preservaton

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