Shut Binyan Tziyyon

Regular Edition
137 - Is cigarette smoking prohibited?

1 - Hilchita leMisheecha and Mai deHavah Havah - Studying laws which don't have practical applications

2 - Entering Har haBayit while Tamei

15 - Authority of the Law of the Land

16 - Doing business in forbidden foods

23 - When science seems to contradict Halachah

43 - The Method for applying the principle of "Af Hen Hayu be'Oto haNes"

60 (3) - Yovel [Jubilee] in the modern era

63 - Does belief in a Trinity qualify as Avodah Zarah?

111 - Bitachon and Hishtadlut - The Obligation to trust Gd, vs. the need for efforts of self-preservaton

159 - Theodicy - The problem of righteous people who suffer, and wicked who thrive (Tzaddik veRa Lo)

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