Hasagat Gevul -Overstepping the border's of another's business

Rights to Intellectual Properties

Doing business in forbidden foods

The power of the law of the land

Reservation of rights after sale

The "Heter Iska" converting loans into investments, allowing a lender to receive back more than his initial loan

Charging interest for a purchase made on credit

Shemitah in the modern era

Tithing as Mitzvah or Minhag

Wills which alter the Torah's path of inheritance

Recovering stolen property outside the courts [Avid Inish Dina leNafsheih]

Bitachon and Hishtadlut - The Obligation to trust Gd, vs. the need for efforts of self-preservaton

Use of a time-delayed transaction to sell Chametz when Erev Pesach is Shabbat

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